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Peaks, Poles and Paragraphs


 Searching for the Highest


Europe 135 times seen from above

This is a comprehensive

in German language. Click on the pic and you will be taken to 135 stand-alone chapters, all in the form of CDs and a hard-cover book series, presented here in the form of extracts and supported by external youtube videos.

Each chapter addresses, illustrates and answers:

· Why do I have to go there?
· What makes the country „independent“?
· How do I get there?
· How do I get up there?
· What do I find on the summit?

The highest mountains of Europe ...

... means here the highest peaks of each European country and political entity, from Iceland to the remotest Caucasus, from Rockall to Cyprus and Gibraltar !

Join me in my Subaru-Libero minivan, later in my Opel Combo, on my mountaineering journey all across our colourful continent !

The series is no longer available in its entirety, only several volumes and CDs are still on sale. Contact me when interested.

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